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New Clients

Clients with a Scheduled Appointment

If you have a scheduled appointment or evaluation for your child, please print and complete the following forms to bring with you to your appointment. This will save time at the clinic on the day of your appointment. Please bring your insurance cards to all appointments during intake.

If you are interested in initiating therapy, receiving an evaluation, or making an appointment: Please have your Primary Care Physician fax a Referral Form with your contact information and the needs stated to: (501) 843-2270. Once the Referral Form is received, Allied Therapy will then make contact to initiate the intake process.

FAQ’S for Intake Process, Insurance, & Payment Options

Do I need a referral/prescription?

Yes, you will need a referral/prescription and possibly prior authorization, depending on your funding source.

How can I get my child referred for therapy services?

Your child needs to be referred for therapy services by obtaining a written prescription from their primary care physician or specialist. HMO plans require prior authorization for therapies. They should be obtained by the primary care physician's office before the evaluation can take place.

Who will pay for my child’s therapy?

Most insurance companies will pay for therapy as long as it is deemed medically necessary. Some insurance does not cover services for developmental delays. Please call our office to have the staff check with your insurance about coverage for therapy.

Can I have more than one insurance pay for services?

Yes, you can have more than one insurance company pay for services. Our office will bill secondary insurances for payment. The guarantor on the account will be responsible for any amount not covered by insurance company.

Payment types accepted?

We accept insurance checks, personal checks, debit & credit cards, & cash. We are a provider for the following but can file for any insurance:

  • Medicaid
  • Tri Care
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Advantage
  • Health Advantage
  • US Able
  • Early Intervention Program

Office Personnel Directory

Please call 501-941-5630 and refer to extensions below.

  • Allied Therapy Executive Director - Beth Stamp
  • Administrator - Stacey Spence-McMinn
  • Ward Clinic Directory

    • Therapy & Service Coordination and Mothers' Day Out Program Director: Stephanie Driver
    • Therapy Coordination & Reading Specialist: Paula Vance, BSE, EC, SPED
    • Billing: Brittany Ghrist
    • Mother Day Out Director: Stephanie Driver, BSBA, MEd
    • Behavior Specialist ~ Kasi Weathers
    • Office Management: Todd Baldwin
    • Mothers' Day Out Program Teachers: Beth Anne Caery, Abigail Gage, Spence Hart
    • Mother's Day Out Assistant: Abigail Gage

    North Little Rock Clinic Directory

    • Therapy & Service Coordination and Mothers' Day Out Program Director: Stephanie Driver, BSBA, MEd
    • Human Resources & Administration: Justin Sharp
    • Billing Director: Lynn Wood
    • STAR Program & Behavior Specialist: Kristie Newborn
    • Mothers' Day Out Program Teachers: Anjolic Smith & Brittani Dwyer
    • Office Assistant: Katie Barlow & Jessi Scott
    • 2016-2017 Client Interns: Jenni Hayes & Kylie Purifoy-Fendley
    • Office Management: Spence Hart
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