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Occupational Therapy

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Treatment that improves a child’s fine motor skills, self-care abilities, and ability to work and play. A child’s “occupation” is playing, learning, and socializing with family and friends, and pediatric occupational therapy can assist your child in improving their independence, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment related to performance of these skills.


What Do Occupational Therapists Do?

Occupational Therapists use a variety of treatments and activities to facilitate skills needed to complete tasks of daily living including self-care, work, and play skills. These activities may require remediation in several areas including fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, sensory processing and self-care skills. Depending on your child’s needs, Occupational Therapy sessions might include activities to promote improved strength and dexterity; range of motion and mobility; balance and coordination; visual or sensory processing; and performance of functional skills. 

When Is Occupational Therapy Needed?

Your child’s doctor might recommend Occupational Therapy for your child if he or she has been injured or has limitations from an illness, disease, or disability. Occupational Therapy may be needed any time a child has difficulty with fine motor/handwriting skills, visual motor/visual processing impairments, sensory processing difficulties, or performance of daily living skills.

Occupational Therapy is often recommended for children with:

  • autism spectrum disorder

  • developmental delays

  • cerebral palsy

  • genetic disorders

  • sensory processing disorders

  • feeding concerns 

  • orthopedic disabilities

  • heart and lung conditions

  • birth defects (such as spina bifida)

  • effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure

  • acute trauma

  • head injury

  • limb deficiencies

  • muscle diseases


Allied Therapy Occupational Therapist Directory

  • Amanda Duke, COTA

  • Kerissa Accetta, MS, OTR/L

  • Krista Shea OTR/L

  • Libby Whitehurst, OTR/L 

  • Lori Tankersley MS, OTR/L

  • Makayla Moore, COTA

  • Nikki Shelton, COTA 

  • Tiffany Welch-Vaughan MS, OTR/L

  • Zach Fendley, MS, OTR/L

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